Every product has a story. Our interactive smart displays help tell it.

Beyond the shelf, and into the hands of consumers.


Knowledge is power.

Our platform helps you educate your customer in a unique, interactive way. Empower your customer and their experience then watch your your sales grow.

60% of people who touch a product purchase it.


higher basket size than industry average


of customers initiate by touching a product


Of customers more likely to purchase a product after using our display


You’re a brand in a crowded marketplace. How do you stand out to the everyday consumer while they’re in a dispensary? Our large-screen displays invite customer engagement. With up to 500 shopper interactions daily, you can have confidence that your product will reach more buyers than products kept behind the counter.  


We educate your consumers about the products you carry, alleviating stress on budtenders and reducing staff overhead. We allow customers to self checkout, reducing lines and speeding up your customer sales cycle. With deep POS integrations and a product database that’s robust with the information your customers need, we’ve created a versatile sales tool that truly makes your life easier.


The Peak Beyond’s smart display is a cutting-edge in-store marketing tool that puts your merchandise in the hands of  consumers. We know that customers who handle products are up to 60% more likely to purchase them, so we created a device that springs to life when shoppers physically engage with products.  This interactivity drives an average sales increase of over 55% for featured brands.

We’ve been featured in the news.