Interactive Merchandising Display

This UI is private-labeled and customized to individual brands, and can accomodate any digital asset.

Tell your story

Our white-labeled and branded display acts as a digital brand representative by showcasing featured products with mixed media assets, videos, photos, and branded messaging. Customers get a fully catered experience directly from the brands, who install these displays to dispensaries, events, and trade shows.

Customer Engagement

By placing your product in the hands of customers, you sell more. Engage up to 100 consumers a day and enjoy 60% more sales.

Smart Shopping Display

Retailers use these displays in waiting rooms and as tools to outfit their entire retail space as “smart stores” with dozens of displays.

Shopper Empowerment

Our intuitive, interactive display allows dispensary staff and customers to browse an entire store’s product catalogue using live filters and our tangible product interface. This platform facilitates informed purchasing decisions, without the need of a budtender. Customers can browse on their own and make purchases directly from the display, reducing congestion at the register and alleviating strain on staff.

Skip the Line

Save time and prevent long lines with with our smart POS integration and live inventory synching. With this versatile sales tool, checkout happens faster, reliving both staff and customers for a better shopping experience.

The perfect fit.

Wall Mount

Free Standing Unit

Counter Top

Content customization

Whether we pull content directly from your POS system, or whether you make use of our robust product database, our flexible content management system lets you have full control over your in store presence.

“I designed my entire store around The Peak Beyond’s displays because the concept is smart, novel, and intuitive. I know this technology is the future of retail.”

Daniel Fried | General Manager, 805 Beach Breaks

Data in realtime with Headset.

Headset provides The Peak Beyond with robust and real-time data reports that improve ROI. Additionally, with our Headset Integration, The Peak Beyond has access to 18 POS integrations.

A better retail experience with Treez.

Treez works with The Peak Beyond for a seamless POS integration that allows customers to submit orders. With this technology, inventory changes are reported in real time, so you never have to worry about displaying products that are out of stock.  

Understand your customers

The Peak Beyond helps you discover how customers shop by providing you with consumer behavior data points that paint a bigger picture.

  • Daily user engagements
  • Number of products placed daily
  • Which products are placed, and when
  • Consumer click pathways
  • Discover most popular:
    • products viewed
    • product tabs clicked (Overview, Flavor, Attributes, Similar Items, etc.)
    • categories (Flower, Concentrates, etc.)
    • tags (cbd, indica, etc.)
    • brands
  • Education articles
  • “By use” tabs (Pain, Sleep, etc.)
  • Virtual shopping cart and checkout statistics
  • Average basket sizes